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Our Parish is unique. Parts of it comprise the marshlands of the North Norfolk Coast and parts of it are the hinterland of the River Stiffkey.

It is a lovely place to live, work or just visit.  


We are a small council of seven members. One of our members is elected each year to be the Chairman.  We have an officer, the Parish Clerk . The role of the Clerk is advisory and supportive for the council and its functions.



The roles and duties of a Parish Council are guided and governed by our community, legislation and external influences.   We manage our Council through poilcies and procedures. We have a duty to be transparent in everything we do.



Stiffkey is a small parish in North Norfolk.  It is a delightful rural village nestling between the salt marshes of the North Norfolk coast and the hinterland of the River Glaven.  The small harbour town of Wells-next-the-Sea lies to the west and Morston and Blakeney to the east.  The salt marshes are part of the National Trust Nature Reserve.  There is a small car park owned by the National Trust adjacent to the marshes.  You can access this by driving down Greenway.  From there you can pick up the walk for the North Norfolk Coastal Path.  As an alternative you can hop on or off the Norfolk Coast Hopper Bus Service.  The Stiffkey stops for the Hopper are at the top end of Greeway, adjacent to the Post Office in the central part of the village, or on the Morston side of the village near to Campinghills. Essential visits must also be at the Maritime Heritage Centre which is situated on the old Army camp site near to the National Trust Car Park.  You will also find the "High Creek" camp site there too.

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