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Parish Council Elections 2023

On 4th May 2023 all Stiffkey Parish Council seats will be available for election.  Each Councillor is elected for a four year term, which ran from May 2019 until May 2023.

The elections process began on 21st March 2023.  Nomination Forms were completed and returned to North Norfolk District Council by 4pm on Tuesday 4th April 2023.  The Statement of Persons Nominated was published on Wednesday 5th April 2023, with 10 candidates standing for 7 seats.  A poll will be held on Thursday 4th May 2023.  The Notice of Poll has been published.

The result of the Poll has been published.

More information about Parish Council elections, and eligibility to stand as a candidate, can be found on the Electoral Commission website.  More information about the work of different levels of Council can be found on the Local Government Association website.

Further advice can be obtained from North Norfolk District Council on or by calling 01263 513811.

Voter ID

In 2023, new voter regulations are being brought in which requires voters to produce photographic identification in order to cast their vote at a polling station.  If you do not have photographic ID, you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate from North Norfolk District Council.  More information is available on the North Norfolk District Council website.


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