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David Gibson thanked for his efforts in maintaining Hollow Lane Playing Field in Stiffkey

Report from Stiffkey Playing Field Committee

Stiffkey Playing Field Committee members held an event recently to say thank you to David Gibson for all his efforts with mowing the playing field in Hollow Lane for nearly 40 years. “We would like to give him the recognition he deserves” said Committee member Paul Claydon. “We now know the time and effort he put in to this“ said Committee Chairman Chris Cooke.

Over the last four decades the field has been used by footballers, cricket clubs, and numerous other sport activities, thanks to David’s efforts.

A bench with a plaque in his name were unveiled, as David was thanked by Committee members at a celebration event on the site at the beginning of October.

The Committee members have recently taken over the mowing of the field themselves, and even with new equipment, now realise the time and effort which is required to keep the site looking good and usable. David was accompanied by his wife Jill.

The Committee are now avidly raising funds for their new project which is to build a tennis court on site. The court will be multi-functional. The aim is to generate funds for the future maintenance of the site. As well as a Sports Pavilion, the site has a play area which is used by local children and visiting families. This was a project funded by grants three years ago. For further information please contact the Secretary.

12th October 2021

Di Dann

T 01328 878196

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