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We are a corporate body made up of 7 councillors.  We have key roles and responsibilities. One of our main roles is to work for our community providing and maintaining assets and services. Our community is a small parish in North Norfolk.  The environment of our parish is unique. Our parish is made up of the marshes of the north Norfolk coast and the immediate hinterland which is the undulating landscape of the River Stiffkey. Our parish also has history and you can read more about that on our Stiffkey Village page.

Your community needs your support! Here you can find details about our Play Project Fund.

The parish is part of the Coastal ward of North Norfolk DIstrict Council, and the Wells county division.  The District Councillor is Dr Victoria Holliday and the County Councillor is Mr Michael Dalby.


Stiffkey Parish Council is made up of 7 members. We also have a Clerk. We are the lowest tier of government, but as a council at grass roots level we can respond quickly to our parishioners concerns. We can provide services and facilities for our parish and we can campaign for the things which matter in our parish.

Stiffkey is a pituresque North Norfolk Village largely made up of old Norfolk Red brick and flint cottages.  Decribed by Henry Williamson as a peacful village in the days before World War Two, it then had many shops, and a petrol station. 

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