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We are a corporate body made up of seven members. We meet at least 6 times a year.  Our role in the community is to provide services and facilities for our residents and visitors. We also have a consultation role in respect of Planning. We also liaise with other statutory and voluntary bodies. 

We have a Clerk who is also the Responsible Financial Officer for the Council. Everything the Council does is laid down in law. It is the clerks' role to ensure the Council acts within the law.

You can obtain more information about our meetings here

Stiffkey Parish Councillors

Martin Williams (Chairman)

Jamie Lawrence (Vice Chairman)

Paul Claydon

Alexandra Hooper

Phil Harrison

Roxana (Rocky) Husain

Patricia (Janey) Sugden

The Parish is part of the Coastal Ward of North Norfolk Norfolk Council and the Wells County division.  The District Councillor is Dr Victoria Holliday and the County Councillor is Mr Michael Dalby.

Here to work for our community!

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