We are a corporate body made up of seven members.  We have a Chairman who is elected annually.  We meet atleast 6 times a year.  Our role in the community is to provide services and facilities for our residents and visitors. We also have a consultation role in respect of planning. We liaise with other statutory and voluntary bodies. 

We have a Clerk who is also the Responsible Financial Oficer for the Council. Everything the Council does is laid down in law. It isthe clerks role to ensure the Council asts within the law. n

You can obtain more information about our meetings  here



You can obtain more information about our councillors here.

Stiffkey Parish Council has now agreed its Action Plan for the

next five years.  One of the key items in the Action Plan is to

undertake a village questionnaire.  The questionnaire is being circulated

to all households in November 2016.  Please complete the questionnaire and return this to either the Post Office Stores or the Red Lion.  The responses we get to the various questions will help us determine our priorities and also provide information which is needed in grant application forms.  A copy of the questionnaire is available here.


In February 2016 we secured £2500 grant money from Sheringham Shoal for an LED Lighting

Project.  So we will be able to support the "Darker Skies Campaign" and save ourselves some money with electricity and maintenance costs.   At the same time no lights will be turned out.

In March 2016 we secured £1200 grant money from DCLG Government to support us with Transparency.  So we now have a website and a laptop!

In June we secured a grant of £600 from the NNDC Big Society Fund for improvements to our allotment site. So our allotments can be fenced - no more deer munching!

Here to work for our community!